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Wilkinson Travel Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us at Wilkinson Travel Services.

1) General

At WILKINSON TRAVEL SERVICES we are committed to protecting your privacy both on and off line. You have full control over the information we store on you and what types of information (if any) you would like to receive from us.

To help improve the content of our site and also the service we provide we collect general statistical information about visitors to our website. This information is used for internal reporting only and at no time is any information divulged to any third party companies.

We also collect personal information about you on line should you wish to request a tailor made itinerary, register for special promotions, subscribe to newsletter etc. These services are not accessible unless you supply individual identifiable information. We may at times invite you to complete surveys or provide us with feedback. In all instances you give this information voluntarily. You can change your information at any time by contacting us by email via gary@wilkinsongolf.com

If at any time we change our privacy policy we will inform you by posting these changes on this page.

2) What credit cards do we accept?

For payments through our web site we only accept Visa, MasterCard.

3) Is my credit card number secure on line?

Yes. We use the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which ensures that any communications between your computer and our website is unreadable by anyone else. Your details are communicated in a secure encrypted format and we can check that the information has not been tampered with in any way.

Most browsers have some type of indicator to let you know if you have established a secure connection. If you are not sure, then consult the help section of your browser. If your browser does not support SSL technology then we recommend that you update to the latest version.

4) What are cookies and do we use them?

Cookies are a standard method of registering user preferences when people use websites, to ensure a better and more personalised experience. They are pieces of information stored on your computers hard disc drive. This ensures that we know information about you when you next visit our site. The cookies we pass to you are anonymous and do not hold information on you or reveal your personal identity.

5) Links to other websites & their security & privacy policies.

In our website we also provide links to other websites for your convenience and information. Please be aware that these sites may have different security & privacy policies and we have no control over and take no responsibility for any information submitted to these sites.