Wilkinson Golf

...COVID bounceback tours

2022 - Post Covid Bounceback Tours


Post COVID, and to try and stimulate Scotland's tourism recovery our national Tourist Board, VisitScotland, asked Scottish Based tour operators to submit ideas of new itineraries that were more ethically focused and specifically for golf tours, at least 50% of the package had to include rounds that were below £150 a round.

At Wilkinson Golf we applied own "sustainability filter" in an attempt to bring together some of the many schemes and accreditations to form the backbone of these pan Scotland sample itineraries.

We have selected hotels that meet the requirements of VisitScotland's "Green Tourism" scheme and certified with a COVID "Good To Go" award. Only golf courses who are already part of, or who are working towards accreditation from sustainable.golf are included.

Six regions around Scotland have been selected and each has a sample 3 night, 3 round itinerary detailed. Each of these regions can be booked as an individual package or you can select multiple regions to develop a longer stay itinerary. Just add the costs together.